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Vive Pro display goes black after a few moments

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I have searched similar topics and unfortunately none match my particular problem.


We have a couple Vive Pros here at the office and unfortunately, one of our laptops in particular seems to reject the Vive Pro. I have tried other headsets on it like WMR and Oculus Rift, and those work as expected.


For this particular laptop, after you turn on SteamVR, and wait a few moments, SteamVR will throw an error saying that the display has been disconnected, and then it will say it has an HDMI issue. Also, the SteamVR profiler goes completely pink, which I'm assuming is bad. 


I already went through support with Vive's live chat service, and they walked me through a number of troubleshooting steps, including:

  • Changing out the all in one cable 
  • Trying a different headset/linkbox/cables on the misbehaving computer
  • Tried the misbehaving Vive Pro with another laptop that is almost the same exact make and model and had no issues
  • Reinstalling bluetooth driver

Unfortunately, these all met with the same end. I don't think it's a problem with the headset itself, since a different Vive Pro that was working just fine on a different computer had the same problem.


The service rep told me that VR laptops are not supported by the Vive Pro, as majority do not have a DisplayPort, and using a mDP to mDP cable with laptops that have a mDP is a workaround but is not garaunteed to work.


I have used a Vive Pro with many different laptops in the past. Not all without some error, but they all work after a bit of troubleshooting. I've even had some errors on the desktop that we use in the office that uses all stock cables (because the desktop has DisplayPort).


So. Looking for some advice on things to try. We just bought this laptop and would hate to have to return it.


Some spec information:

MSI GP63 Leopard 8RF 

SteamVR v1.3.20

GTX 1070 with up to date Nvidia drivers (419.67) 


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HMD's are pretty binary - they either work or they don't. As you said, I don't think this is a problem with the HMD itself as it simply wouldn't work when plugged into other desktops/PCs.

What cables are you using to connect to the laptop? Are you able to connect a Pro to a different laptop using the same cable? We recommend the 3 foot version of the following mDP cable: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Mini-DisplayPort-Black/dp/B0777RKTJB?th=1 


On paper, this laptop is compatible with Pro. We use similar MSI' as internal loaner machines and similararly spec'ed machines can power Pro with the GTX1070 being the deciding factor as opposed to models with a 1060. I unfortunately don't have access to this specific model to test against. 



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I am pretty sure we are using that exact cable, or at the very least, it's the same brand. I've tried other mDP to mDP cables as well, no adapters or anything out of the ordinary. Just the stock Vive Pro setup, except a mDP cable instead of the stock mDP to DP.


I have tried multiple headsets with the same cables and other cables on the misbehaving MSI laptop, and I have tried those same setups on a different laptop that is the same model number and it works fine on that one.

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"I have tried those same setups on a different laptop that is the same model number and it works fine on that one." I'd say that statement definitely suggests that the problem is with the laptop. Either drivers or configuration. Make sure your BIOS is fully up to date. If you can, look at the settings of the laptop that works and contrast that with the one that doesn't.

Thank you,

-John C

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