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Oculus Go build "Could not bind VRService"


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I'm using VIU to build on the Vive Focus which works fine. However, building to an Oculus Go displays a black screen with the following text - "Could not bind VRService".

Is the Oculus Go supported? It is unclear as it is not in the supported devices list but is mentioned in the about summary.

If it is supported, is there a set up step I have missed to get the Oculus Go build to run on device?

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I had the WaveVR SDK and the Oculus SDK present as I was under the impression the purpose of VIU was to easily switch between platforms? Or do I have to manually removed/add the right packages every time?


I have removed WaveVR SDK and Oculus SDK. I then added just the Oculus SDK and now the app doesn't appear in the Oculus GO headset at all. Unity is spitting out its build success message.


I'm using a single scene project with a spinning cube for testing and Unity 2018.3.4f1.

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WaveVR SDK and Oculus SDK cannot present at the same time, it is because VIU cannot prevent WaveVR SDK's dll files from running. VIU only adds compile flag in .cs files.

Could you provide additional information below,

1. In Unity, Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings, what did you check?

2. Did you delete the Plugins folder for WaveVR SDK?


I suggest maybe you start a new project and import Oculus SDK only, will you still running into the same issue?

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I created a new project and imported VIU and the Oculus SDK and it runs on the Oculus Go. However this doesn't make the plugin very useful to build a full project on multiple platforms.


In answer to your previous questions:

1. I had only Oculus Go checked.

2. Yes, I had removed the WaveVR SDK plugins folder.


Is dll switching something that you are/would consider adding in a future version of VIU? I think it would be an extremly useful feature.

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I agree that not having the ability to easily switch between Oculus and Wave defeats the entire purpose of VIU. Especially considering that someone developing for mobile vr would be highly likely developing for Oculus and Wave only.

I would also be interested to know the direction that VIU is heading. If not being able to have Oculus and Wave in the same project will always be the case or if it will not be an issue in the future?


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Hi  ,


Thanks for your feedback, and Wave team has plan to cowork with VIU to improve this case in our next release milestone, which is set on the mid of July.

Will keep you posted.


For short term case, developers need to remove redundant files under \Plugins manually before building.

Remove our libraries before build other VR, and vice versa.

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