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Developing a game.


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We currently use UE4, it also has the correct tools for Android providing you get the appropriate SDK's installed.


I would say the important thing is quality, too much and you lose the magic FPS too little and it looks bad. We have an upcoming FPS using Vive wands and Touch and have focused time on mainly making the guns look good as they will be close to your face. In the current map we have managed to get full fog and detail without losing the 90fps.

Optimisation is key with any VR game.

This is just my personal opinion though


Check out the link to our game in production vid in the main forum section!

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When your base is 'run this game at 90FPS on two monitors at the same time', optimization is a big deal!!


Unity is (in theory) a little easier to learn, but I think it depends a lot on your personal preference for coding. I'm no expert (at all) but it's also important to note that Unity has a huge asset store where you can buy / get free assets to use in your games. Just try and make your own if you can before you publish. :D

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