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No picture on Vive display - no errors


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Hello everyone, got a weird problem with my Vive and you're my last resort at the moment.


A couple months ago, had to disconnect my Vive to temporarily move my PC, and since then I had no picture in my headset. I've been experimenting with troubleshooting solutions for months and contacted my local HTC vendor, who replaced my 3-in-1 cable and Linkbox, with no improvement whatsoever.


Here's the details: Ordinarily, there's simply no picture in the headset, with the display remaining dark. The status light is green and SteamVR shows everything working normally. Headset mirror shows a picture with no tracking problems. If I try deleting USB drivers and disconnect and reconnect the Linkbox and headset, SteamVR returns a 208 error (no display found) and the status light goes red, until I reboot my PC, after which the previous state resumes (no errors, but no display). Interestingly enough, the headset works fine and displays an image if I bypass the Linkbox and connect HDMI and USB directly to PC, with either sets of cables. So far, thinking this is a driver/Windows issue.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions or ideas. I'm thinking my last resort is to reinstall Windows, but I'd really like to try everything else possible before that.

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After reading a few forums and playing around with my set-up, I've come to the conclusion that my issue appears to be a case of the HDMI signal being too weak to make it to the Vive. My problem - a black screen with no other errors or issues otherwise - is similar to the issue that Vive users encounter when they try to extend their HDMI cables beyond the length of the original 3-in-1 cable. Connecting through a link box or through a third-party HDMI coupler results in a black screen for me, while connecting directly to the graphics card output with either the 3-in-1 or the short linkbox cable has no issues. 


So far, not sure what caused this. Most likely a software problem on my side - likely an untimely nvidia driver update or something. Rolling the driver back had no effect, so I'll try a clean uninstall and full reinstall of the nvidia drivers and gforce experience. If that doesn't work, I'll look into getting an active HDMI booster.

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Unfortunately, reinstalling both recent and older graphics drivers didn't help. However, I did notice something new about my issue.


Going into the USB tab in the SteamVR setting, I've noticed that both "Hub Controller" and "Audio Device" are consistently greyed out. This leads me to believe that this is a vive driver issue or a conflict with another application or driver. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Hi. This is indeed a weird problem. In my case, the image in de headset stop working from one day to the order, but tracking and mirror image in pc works well. I can't be sure what makes it work, but the last thing I tried was to start changing random settings in Steam VR (this to force the device to send signals). After I manually turn on the camera, the image appears but colored "magenta". When I turn it off, image appears normal and working.

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