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Translation reported as spam?


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So this morning while checking the forum i saw someone asking for help in french.

i've figure that this was an english forum and translated his message to incrase his chance of getting help but not even 5 minutes after posting the translation i've notice that my message was remove because it was marked as spam.


is what i did not allowed or it's just a false positive from the spam filter, and is it also something that was useful to do in the first place? 



might be related to -> https://community.viveport.com/t5/Developer-Discussion/anti-spam-features-of-this-forum-are-too-strict-simple-edits-to/m-p/29559#M407

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 - The SPAM filter is automated and can be heavy handed at times - we usually review them within 12-24 hours and restore posts that are legit.


The filters actually catch a considerable amount of junk posts on the daily so it's a necessary evil. We'll hopefully be changing platforms soon which will result in a different system being implemented. 

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