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DIY Base Station Repair?


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I've got a dead base station with error code 10009 and my warranty is over.  I don't like throwing things away that can be fixed.  Having Vive repair the unit costs about the same as buying a new one. I wouldn't mind trying to fix it myself if it's possible before it ends up in a landfill.  Has anyone ever done this?  I'm pretty handy with a soldering station.

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There is something you can try. If you have a dead base station it will not hurt to try. This fixed mine and mine was brend new, It was dead, I will copy and paste what I was told that fixed mine but you have to read it carefully and follow the instructions to the letter. Here they are, Good Luck,


Please note that you should only do this is your base station does not work at all. Although this should be harmless there is a non-zero chance that it could make things worse.

First of all you will need to locate 2 files in SteamVR. Easiest way to locate this is right click SteamVR in your library, click Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files.

From there go to tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx\archive\htc_2.0

The 2 files we need are "lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin" and "lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12.bin"

Step 1: With the base station un-powered, connect your station through Micro-B USB Cable to your PC
Step 2: Hold down the mode button and plug in the power cable to the station
Step 3: Once your PC has detected the station as a USB Mass Storage Device you can release the mode button
Step 4: The station should be called "CRP_DISABLED" and contain one file "firmware.bin", delete that file
Step 5: Copy over the file "lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin" onto the drive
Step 6: Once the file has copied over, pull out the power lead
Step 7: Wait a few seconds and plug in the power again (DO NOT hold down the mode button this time)
Step 8: Within a few seconds the base station should rapidly flash green or red. If it's green please skip to step 10.
Step 9: If it is flashing red it means it could not be automatically fixed if so you will then need to contact VIVE directly for them to book the base station in for repair https://www.vive.com/support/
Step 10: Unplug the power cable again
Step 11: Repeat steps 1 thru 7 but now instead copy the "lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12" file instead
Step 12: The base station should now be working again. Confirm it by setting it's mode to A and tracking with it alone (the other base turned off)

After that you can either switch back the bases modes to A and B for cabled sync or B and C for wireless sync.

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Thanks.  I'll give that a try.  I also found a Youtube video that showed how to disassemble the unit and check the two power connectors to make sure they haven't come loose.  


I'm open to any other suggestions at the hardware level and will report back with news soon.

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  Maybe I think about this wrong but I thought everything had to be up and running for the lasers to operate. Perhaps it is a wiring problem but for the lasers to go out would mean they are cheap lasers used in the creation of the Base's. Perhaps I am wrong, who knows, Keep us updated please

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