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HTC Vive Pro no sound until unplug and plug the cable into headset


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I had this problem for a while, even bought the new cord from HTC store. Still not helping. About every other time I either have to disconnect the cord from HTC Vive Pro and plug it back in than it works. Otherwise no sound at all, any idea what this is caused by and how to solve it?

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What I have found is when I have my Headset turned on, My computer routes the sound to my headset, It is automatic when It does this. When I turn off the headset my computer continues to route my sound to the headset. I have the choice of unpluging the headset or manually changing my sound computer settings.

I found a easy workaround for this problem. I purchase a surge protector strip that I use (only for the headset) instead of unplugging the headset every time, I just turn off the surge protector. I do not need to change the computer settings. My computer will do that on its own. When the time comes that I want to use my Vive again, I just turn on the surge protector to provide power to the headset. This is much better than plugging and unplugging ever time. Anyway, Hope this info is of some help.

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