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Planning on upgrading my system, need help choosing parts


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As you can see from the title i am planning on upgrading my pc by the end of the year, my current spec is


CPU: Intel Pentium g4560 (Definatley needs upgrading, thinking about Ryzen 2600 non X)

Ram: 16gb DDR4 G.skill ripjaw 2133MHz (if needed, which i think it will, upgrading)

PSU: Seasonic 450w (if needed then upgrading)

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050TI OC (upgrading, thinking about a 1060 6GB, Zotac 1070 mini 8gb or RTX 2060)

MoBo: MSI H110M ECO (upgrading, had the Asus TUF b450m gaming in mind )

HDD/SSD: 2x2tb HDDs, 240GB SSD


My question is what gpu should i get for a smooth high quality vr experience and will my cpu i have suggested bottleneck it, because as you may be able to tell, my system at the minute isnt really "Super high quality gaming at 120fps!" in VR.


i have a budget of approximatley 300 for a GPU and the rest i can probably purchase when i sell my current system (excluding HDD and SSDs).


Any thoughts is greatly appreciate.


Imgur of my spec: https://imgur.com/a/nIBiIK4


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I have built a computer much like what you have described.

First let me tell you what mine is.

I have AMD Ryzen 7 1700X (3.4ghz base 3.8 ghz Precision Boost and a ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F Gaiming motherboard, My Ram is 48gb of  DDR4 G.skill ripjaw 3200, Graphics is ASUS Nvidia GTX 1060 3 gb and I have a liquid Coolmaster for the cooling of the Processor.

What has surprised me is I seem to not have any issues with anything. I purchased a game called Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice which is recommended to have at lease a Nvidia GTX 1080 which I do not and the games runs smooth on my computer with no issues in VR and on a regular monitor. That game has the best graphics I have ever seen anywhere and my system handles it with no problem what so ever. I play in in VR and it looks beautiful.

I can think of only a few things I would suggest. You need at least a 650w PSU and your memory is a good choice but I would get at least 32gb. Im not sure but I think the amount of memory I have is really making a difference. My motherboard handles 64gbs of memory but right now Im stuck with 2 8gb sticks and 2 16gb sticks. That memory really cost me some serious money, Think total cost for all of it is the same amount my Vive Headset cost me which was around 500 dollars. When it comes to graphics card, I would pick one that has two hdmi outputs, One for monitor and one for Vive Headset and at the least a GTX 1060 but a 1080 would be ideal. Anyway, That is my thoughts on it, Perhaps some others might have some advise but be warned, This can get very expensive and cost some serious money. Im includding a picture of the computer I built.

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Thanks for the response,

I have seen Hellblade and it does look really good graphics wise. The only problem I have with games is that they are blurry or not running at a buttery smooth FPS, Payday 2 for example It plays smoothly, no screen tearing or nothing like that but it looks like I'm playing it off of a Wii rather than a computer.


I have the graphics settings of the game set to 100% in the steam VR application but whenever I bump it up abit it can't keep up with me looking around.


I don't know if this is because of my GPU or my CPU with it only being dual core, maybe it's bottlenecking my GPU.


With the likes of beat saber it's abit of both, it's looks okay like it is abit blurry but I can tell it's not running at 90 FPS because it does get choppy when playing.


Ideally I would choose the 1080 Ti straight away but with me being in college full time money is abit of a struggle , I'm thinking of choosing a Gigabytes 1070 as Amazon have it for 290 rn.


I have made a PC I'm thinking of buying in PCpartpicker and will upload a link to it soon for some feedback on it.


Again thanks for the response it's been very helpful .

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These are the parts im considering:



the cpu and motherboard are sold as a bundle on awd-it.co.uk for 266 which isnt a bad price, the ram is on the QVL of the motherboard so i dont need to worry about compatibility issues, i am looking to liquid cool in the future which is why ive chose the case i have because it has enough room for a 240mm radiator at the top and 360m radiator at the front, although if you have any better suggestions i am open to them.


the power supply is like you suggested a 650 watt, im not really trying to spend too much on a PSU which is why ive chose the corsair one.


the M.2 drive isnt really needed but in the future i will possibly get one.


im looking to futureproof this system as with my current one i didnt think to much about which is why now im having to sell pretty much all of it ;D, again if you have any better suggestions that will aid in the future  proofness of my system it is very helpful! :)





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Your CPU I think has a whole lot to do with it. Did not realize you only had a duel core processor.

You will be going from a Duel core to a 6 core. Big difference. Difference between mine and what you found is yours will be 3.6ghz with a Turbo of 4.2ghz and 6 core, Mine is a 3.4Ghz with a Turbo of 3.8ghz and a 8 core. Would be intresting to know the difference in performance. When it comes to graphics. Your graphics card you found is excellent, Better than mine. For myself, I would need 2 hdmi and what you found has 1, depends how you conect your monitor, You see, you need 1 hdmi for the VR system, I need 2 because I use my Television as a monitor and I use hdmi for that, the other hdmi I need for my VR. I use a 4K Television for a monitor so I get great picture but I need that hdmi to do it.  I too have a unused M2 Slot but if I decide some day, I can always put it to use. Your motherboard is great too. One thing I learned about ASUS Motherboards is when you are setting up the BIOs you have to turn off the alarms for unused fan conections on the motherboard before it will boot into windows. I kept running into that but working with the Bios on ASUS motherboards is very easy. Setup for them is great as far as level of difficulty. Not difficult at all. Also what you dont have on your list which is not a big deal is your OS and Hard drive. You will be able to max out your memory to 64gb if you chose to sometime. Your motherboard can handle it. Corsar is a good brand so you cant go wrong with the other items. It would be nice if another member would jump in and give their thoughts on all this but It looks like you are on the right track. Do what I did and do lots of research. That is the best advise I have is Research. Just like I did when I purchased my Vive, I did a lot of research on different VR systems. I purchased all my computer parts from a place called Micro Center. I live in the Houston area and they have a physical location here so I was just able to order online and go and pick it up. If I can think of anything elso I wil let you know :) I will keep an eye on your post here.

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I think what im gonna do is buy all the parts excluding the GPU and see how it performs, as for the OS and HDD ill be using a windows 10 pro key i have and a couple 2tb HDDs i have here with a 240gb SSD.

i was thinking instead of the TUF one to go with the ROG sTRIX one but because i am getting them as a bundle (MoBo and CPU for 265) its cheaper than buying them separate about £40 cheaper. i have been doi9ng abit of research to be fair but i cant seem to lock into the parts ive chose, i was thinking about the 1600x rather than the 2600x but it doesnt come with a cooler so i would then have to spend more money on a cooler for the CPU, i will be liquid cooling some time in the future but for now i think it will suffice the stock cooler.

i will probably go up to 32GB of RAM again in the future but i think 16gb should be fine.

if ican get a better MoBo that will benefit in the future proffnes than i will fork out a little extra cash for it but like you said it would be helpful if there was more opinions involved, but you have been very helpful so far.. Thanks! :D

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I dont know what the prices are for you but here the Liquid cooler I purchased was only 40 US Dollars, That is not really important bacause you can keep it cool with just a fan but the liquid coolers are so quiet. The SSD Drives you have sound sweet to me. I dont have SSD Drives, I ran out of money :) Nothing wrong with the Motherboard and Processor you found in my opinion, Most of the time you get the best prices when you find the bundles together. That is actually what mine was. You do not have to purchase everything at once. I would just start with Motherboard and Processor and go from there. They are the foundation of your system you will be building. The adapters for the Graphics are fine too. One thing I learned about High resolution and the hardware is you always have to use the proper cables, For example, I connected my graphics to a 4K Television, I could not get a 4K Resolution with standard cables. They had to be what they call 2.0 or 2.2 compliant. That was a learning curve for me. It was not a big deal for me to just go out and purchase the correct cables. I had hoped someone would jump in here and give their advice and maybe they will, I just dont know if Vive is the best place to do this. I am not sure if most people here build their own systems. You do have to have some serious power to use VR and most of the programs for it so Who knows. Anyway, It would be fun for me to know what you decide when the time comes. Thanks

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If you can afford it after the CPU upgrade, if you can afford a GTX2060, that's going to be where you'll see the biggest perf boost alongside the CPU upgrade. The GTX1050Ti is technically below our minimum requirements to begin with; a GTX2060 is more powerful than a GTX1070Ti.  You won't see much perf win with new RAM (unless your new mobo forces you to upgrade). 

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