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Vive Pro Wireless Headset Cable to Wired Adapter


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This is more a suggestion than an issue, but I didn't really know which thread to put it in.


I'm looking to get an adapter to connect the shorter headset to wireless adapter cable to the longer wired cable for when I switch to wired sitdown games as I'm sure many others have had the issue of either not enough battery life or the wireless adapter getting a bit hot on the head. Either way it would just be simpler if HTC made a connector so that you could just unplug the shorter cable from the wireless adapter and connect it to the longer headset cable, then that to the link box instead of having the link box auquardly dangling from the shorter cable, or having to deal with the hassle of swapping out the cables.


If anyone else is with me on this, please add your support in the thread so that HTC can see that this is a popular request and maybe make this adapter. Thanks!

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