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What's the difference between the Pro HMD and Pro Eye and other questions

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I know that the Pro Eye tracks your eyes and auto-targets what you're looking at. However, what other differences are there? Is it that the Eye is simply the exact same as  the HMD, but with the added eye-tracking?


So, my next question would be, is there a hotkey to activate and deactivate auto-targeting or eye-tracking? I ask because there will many cases in which I want it, but also many cases in which eye-tracking/auto-targeting would become an annoyance. So, a hotkey to activate/deactivate it while playing would be great.

What's the difference between the Enterprise kit and the Pro kit? They both come with an HMD headset.
How is it that the Enterprise kit allows for a 32'x32' area while the Pro kit allows for only a 16'x16' area?
Is it simply the base-stations? Are the enterprise kit base-stations better? Is it simply that there's more base-stations? Like if I were to purchase extra base-stations, could I increase that area even more than 32'x32', or if I were to purchase the pro kit, could I buy extra base stations to increase the area to 32'x32'?

Is it the SteamVR tracking? If so, where is that implemented, the headset? If so, then that means the Enterprise HMD headset is an upgraded model from the Pro HMD headset. In this case, if I bought the headset instead of the kit, and simply bought the Enterprise headset instead of the Pro headset, would I then have that upgrade to 32'x32'? Or is there more to it to get that extra. Now, I don't know that I'll need the extra area, but it's still nice to know what my options are.

Thank you.

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