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Vive Tracker issue (Accuracy Deteriorates During Fast Motion)


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I have a problem with accuracy of vive tracker 2.0 (it also concerns older version as well).

I am a gamer who often play Eleven Table Tennis VR which allows us to use vive tracker along with a simple pvc/wooden paddles and have more realistic experience.

I post two videos below which show what problems we have exactly so please take a look at this.

As you can see, at full swing, the controller inaccuracy is pretty small - only extending about an inch beyond where the controller is. Even at that, the paddle angle remains as expected. However with the tracker+paddle, normal quick strokes make the paddle move wildly - extending and twisting the object. It may not seem much, but what you aren't seeing is that in slower strokes, there is enough inaccuracy for it to be much more difficult to play table tennis - a sport which is all about the small margins. I'm pretty certain a change in the formula at the openvr level would fix this issue. I'm also pretty sure the algorithm used was deemed "good enough" because it is very much good enough in cases when there isn't fast movement.


Here you can see, how the paddle glitches with fast wrist movement. I would like to emphasise that I move only my writs, my forearm stays still.


This problem forces me to play very softly, without quick spins/smashes because it’s almost certain that when I make a quick move the glitch will appear.

Is it possible to fix it somehow and increase accuracy of vive tracker with quick movement and have at least the same experience like with wands? There is a lot of enthusiasts who play this game and would like to buy vive tracker and make a paddle for themselves but they hold back because of those issues I describe.




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