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Vive Focus SDK version


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I have tried to update my Vive Focus HMD. But it stayed on 2.1.8 SDK version.
I also downloaded new Wave SDK 3.0.2 on Wave documentation page and tried to launch sample project, that Wave SDK provides. It doesn`t launch and resets HMD to home page.
What should I do ?
Thanks for your reply

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Hi  ,


I think you must be confusing about the version information.

Here I try to give you basic explanation for reference.

The latest Wave SDK version is 3.0.2, and it provides content developer to build VR application across different devices (i.e. Focus, Focus Plus, Pico, iQiYi etc.)

You might see another version on Viveport Setting page (somebody call it dashboard) with version i.e. 1.4.20, and it's role is Launcher.

Or you may receive in the future if there is any latest ROM upgrade since you can image it's a version of the whole system (like Android system).

Hope this is helpful for you and let us know what's you'd like to know.


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