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Helpful Tip for Care of Headset, (Also solves a Sound Problem)


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When I received my Vive system for the first time,

After setting it all up, I noticed two things. After I shut down my Vive system, I noticed a light was still turned on my Headset but every other part of it was turned off. This told me electrical power was still running to it even after it was turned off, It also stayed just a little warm, Second thing I noticed was my sound from my computer was still routed to the Headset. I would have to manualy change my computer sound setting to solve this. But I found another way to solve this. I purchase a Surge protector strip (Just for the Vive Headset and nothing else).

After I am done using my Headset and I shut it down for the day, I will just turn off the power to the surge protector. No need to unplug anything.  No longer a little light on the headset. Also no more sound from the computer running to it and the computer set my sound setting back to the way they were on it's own. No need to mess around with the computer adjusting my sound setting back to the way they were. Anyway, I did this with both base's too just to disable power and perhaps allow my Vive equipment to have a longer life span. Perhaps this might be of some help to you. Just my 2 cent's worth. :)



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