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What specs are you running your Vive off?


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Hi there! Here's my specs:

i7 6700K @4500 cooled by BeQuiet! Dark Rock on Asus Maximus Impact VIII, Corsair Vengeance 16 GB ram @3200, Evga 980Ti Hybrid (OC 15%), in the very cute case Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV white itx with 4 BeQuiet! silent wings 2 mounted to improve airflow. The pc was built 13 months ago and my primary goal was to have a powerful but very quiet rig, since my pc is right in the living room and connected to the main TV (48" samsung 4k). My Vive runs nicely, usually settings in games are always to ultra if available, with some slight lags every now and then, but it's acceptable. I didn't edited the file to obtain the supersampling since imho benefits (sharpen graphics) are less than profits (poor performance): the 980Ti is already at his max. Waiting for the 1080Ti for a quick upgrade!




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