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Update: Compatibility issue causes BSOD/Freeze on select AMD systems


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I was quite delighted to review the information on this issue from the company. There are two things that impress me the most.

One: they’ve granted extended return policy to return wireless adapter if users have the issue on their AMD Ryzen system.

Two: They’ve actively investigated the issue and given enough time ( a lot of time per some folk’s standards ) and released a hot fix.

I’ve tried running my wireless adapter on Intel i5 6600k CPU, but unfortunately it chokes the hell out of that processor, so I was thinking of an upgrade and AMD is certainly the way to go this time around. I was mostly AMD fan for many years anyways :P

I’m no longer as anxious to proceed with my planned upgrade. I’ll definitely leave another comment once I test wireless adapter on my newer PC system. Keep up the good work, HTC Vive team!

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I can confirm, played a lot with wireless, not a single BSOD. I was unable to play without BSOD before fix more than 1,5-2 hours.

My PC specs: Ryzen 2700X, Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VII.

Still my system can't detect card if I put it in the second PCI-E x16 Gen 3.0 slot, works well on the top most PCI-E x1 Gen 2.0 slot.

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This 1.20190410.0 and/or the firmware it pushed is pretty buggy on what was a fairly solid intel machine (i7 9700k, Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Ultra), if you have Intel, do not do the update as there is no reason.  Also there is no way to roll back.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon, I'm getting random grey screen, it looses contact with base stations and wands at the same time looking at steamvr.  Since the basestations are beacons and don't talk back and forth and it loses the wands at the same time, I'm guessing the "wireless USB" part of the wireless is crashing and the headset itself can't talk usb to steamvr.  Unplugging the battery and plugging it back in fixes it - but sucks to be in the middle of a beat saber song and the thing just goes grey.


Others are reporting i here over at reddit:




Can we get a update on this, a fix, or way to roll it back?

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