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Update: Compatibility issue causes BSOD/Freeze on select AMD systems


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To clarify, I'm referring to the "gray outs" that necessitate reseating the battery cable to get the headset to respond again.  They seem loosely tied to USB event failures based on what I can glean from event viewer.  Stuff like this: 

"Release: 4.0.10377.40
CPU1 Event
Time Stamp [wclk64]: 0xc017c02ac8.            Event estimated local time: 13:46:57, 08/11/2019.
Label: WseTransfer_BulkOutRequest
Message: KEY_EVENT_MAUSB_MISSING_SEQ_NUMBER: ReqId: 0x%x , SeqN: 0x%x
Location: 949 at D:/jkp/workspace/JENKINS_WIGIG_COMP_P4/17324/WGFWDOCKVR03825/Source/WiGig/FW/ARC0/MaplePeak/DPAL/WSE/Src/WseBulkOutTransfer.c



I'm on an intel 9700k, 1080ti, 16 GB of RAM and gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite mobo.  Any response/fix would be greatly appreciated.  I've been plagued with these random disconnects since the 0410 update and it's driving me crazy.

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