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Weird green marks in headset...


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Not sure but It might be some dust of fibers from something has contamated your headset. This is just a guess. I have a suggestion, Get a can of compressed air and blow it out real good, Make sure to blow out the area where the wires enter the headset too, Thinking something might of entered in that way too. I might be wrong about all of this but that is what it looks like to me. Something on the lens on the inside of the lens or outside of the lense. I would consider giving that a try.

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If that turns out to be the problem and you can not seem to get it all out of the Headset,

I have two links that can show you how to take it apart,

First link is just a real quick showing but second link is very detailed.

Keep in mind, I would not touch a lens with my fingers, You skin has oils that can do harm if not careful and since the headset heats up, it can bake those oils on the lens. I know that sounds weird but it is true. I know, I studyed what is called Lythography in college.

Anyway, Here is the two links.




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The HTC Vive uses a Fresnel lens,

What I know about Fresnel lens is they can produce heat. They have tiny ridges at least on one side and can scratch easly and cause permant damage so you have to be very careful with them, I have never really looked to see if the ridges are actually inside of the lens glass or outside on one side. I would guess if it is on the outside, It would be the side that you can not touch and would have to open the Vive to clean it. My knowlege is somewhat limited about Fresnel lens but I do know this, A company I use to purchase lasers from to make holigrams sold sheet of glass that was Fresnel and they got hot enough to bake a potato out in the sun because of those little lines in the glass. I believe that is why the headset warms up the way it does. You have to watch for that and be careful not to damage those little ridges.  I was just sugesting that opening it up may be a way to view and clean the lens and perhaps inspect it closely. Before you go as far as replacing the lens, I would contact support one on one through their live chat. If the lens is the problem, They do not cost much at least the ones I have found. I would suggest if lens replacement is required, I wouild stay with the same type (Fresnel) but from what I have read on the internet, Other types can be made to work.

If this was me and I had this problem, This is the path I would take. Cleaning it first to try to solve the problem is the way I would go. If that did not work, I would make sure that it is a lens problem before I purchased some replacement and to me that is what it looks like. Your problem is fixable. It is just like anything else, You just have to narrow down the problem and go from there. I prefer to start with the easest and cheaper way and work my way up from there  until it is solved. If you do take it apart, be very careful, Take notes if needed so it can go back together the correct way.

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