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How do I update a Viveport game to beta version ?


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I was having trouble with Contagion VR: Outbreak. I contacted the developers Monochrome Inc. and in response they have given me access to beta version. But unfortunately there is no way do so in Viveport.


It is possible to update a game/app to beta version from within Steam, but since this is Viveport game, there seems to be no way to achieve this.


Is there a way to achieve this, any work around ?

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Quick public note: 


Our "beta" system is still under development - it's primarily there to test store-pages and the build itself. Under the current "beta" system, the developer inputs the email address of a Viveport account which then authorizes access on the server. It basically adds the title to the user's library - there's no front-end/GUI as the title simply gets added to your library. 



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