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White Flashes Only When Controllers are Connected


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I just upgraded from my GTX 1050 Ti to a GTX 1070 hoping it would stop the white flashes and it certaintly lowered them in Beat Saber but I still got them often but it at least was playable. I then tried VRChat to see if it would flash in it. My controllers were charging so they were off while doing this. I was in a world where I used to get tons of flashes, but I was walking around, jumping, crouching, and moving my head fast cause those used to cause flashes but they didn't this time. I went to grab my controllers so I could test it in a different level, and before I even changed levels, as soon as both controllers turned on and connected I started getting flashes again. I know it isn't that the drivers aren't installed cause they are fully up to date (Just checked them while writing this.)


Anyone know any solutions to this problem?

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