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Vive technology in Medicine

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Hi this post is directed towards Vive developers:

My name is Dr. Sarah Farukhi, and I'm an ophthalmology resident from University of California, Irvine. Currently, my professor, Dr. Wade Crow, and I are working on a project utilizing Vive for patients with ocular nystagmus.

Nystagmus is a condition that results in rapid, uncontrollable eye movements and is caused by multiple disorders. We often see patients in our eye clinic with nystagmus who complain of constant blurry vision and the inability to complete their activities of daily living.

From a physician standpoint, being able to obtain an accurate vision for patients with nystagmus is critical. That's where Vive comes in. We want to use Vive to take a real world image and move the image at the same frequency as the eye movement. We can measure the frequency utilizing a pupillometer device, but we need your help in manipulating the real world image provided by the Vive.

Through our university, we have purchased the Vive, and so we know that the Vive allows you to see the real world image through a camera while wearing the headset. What we need to achieve is blowing that image up to full screen, then moving it back and forth to match the eye frequency.

There is incredible potential for this device in the field of ophthalmology and we would love to work with your company to achieve that. Please contact me for any questions, my cell number and email are listed above

Looking forward to hearing from you soon



Sarah Farukhi, M.D
University of California, Irvine
Gavin Herbert Eye Institure

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