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Vive Wireless "Unknown Error" "Not ready (10000.15)"

Mr. Bomb

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I followed the setup process and the first time I used it was a test run to see if it was hooked up properly, and it worked fine. Then the next time I used it, it gave me this error.

I tried reinstalling the software, reinstalling the WiGig, trying different PCIe slots, cleaning IR sensors, reinstalling drivers. I've gotten nowhere so far. I don't think it's a hardware issue (WiGig and Antenna), but I have nothing to test that. The headset works fine and the antenna shows a flashing green light but holding the button with this error does nothing.


Computer Specs;

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)

CPU: Intel i7-9700K

GPU: GTX 1080 Ti

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus XI Hero


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I've got no insite's except that this started happening after the most recent firmware update for me.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it only gives me this message.  Very frustrating.  

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Yes! Only after updating the application and firmware.  The only way to make it work again is booting the computer. 


Sometimes it happens while using the vive.

So when you said sometimes it happens while using the vive, does that mean after rebooting the computer and you got it working, but the error code returns after a certain time?  

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