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Vive Wireless "Unknown Error" "Not ready (10000.15)"

Mr. Bomb

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Experiencing the same issue after updating my vive wireless software.... I wish I hadn't done that. 

Why is there no way to download an older version of the software? I need the software to function properly since I am using it for my work and now it makes it impossible.


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I have an issue where we have just bought a wireless card for the Vive, installed as per the instructions on two PC's and neither one will work.

Get the notification in the Vive Wireless App saying 'Unknown Error Vive Wireless app unknown error occurred. Please check all connections and restart your PC.' Vive wireless Not Ready (10000.15)

Done heaps of restarts and no joy!

On Windows Pro 2010 v1903

HP Z4 Xeon with RTX 2080ti GPU

Any ideas?

Going back to wired cable





wireless error.PNG

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