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I can't listen sound at corners of room


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I tried to build a room and added VIVE 3DSP  Audio Geometric Occulusion component to the wall and floor ,when I played sound source at the central of room, I found that I can't listened the sound when I was standing in corners of the room,  should I adjust anything for this situation? 


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Hi Nicholasvegas,


In your picture, the floor has been chosen and the occlusion engine has been set as sphere. The black sphere line is the range of sphere occlusion. If the audio source and listener are covered by the black sphere line, the sound from audio source would be full occluded, therefore there is no sound that is heard.


Since the floor is box-shaped object, it would be more suitable to set the occlusion engine as box. The occlusion range of box would be fit compactly to the floor, and the audio source would not be occluded by the floor.


Hopefully this would solve your problem. If there is anything wrong, you are welcome to ask at this forum.



Best regards,
Prof. 3DSound

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