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Can someone Pleeasseee....Get this man, a solution.


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Alright, long story short it's day 2 since I got the Vive and Day 2 since I've been able to download VIVEPORT DESKTOP APP. It's a nightmare, i've spent hours reasearching, tweaking, installing (Both SteamVR & VIVE) , uninstalling, new install paths, updating cards, drivers, network, etc, etc, etc.  I really didn't want to have to write this up but I haven't found ONE solution that could help me and dont wan't to unsubscribe to inifity before even being able to try it out! Heeeeellllppp

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 - I'm starting a support ticket with the email address associated with your account.


For Viveport, you can email customerservice@viveport.com directly for assitance in the future.


For hardware concerns, it's best to go to www.vive.com/support, click "contact us" in the top righthand corner, and then begin a live chat with an agent. 

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Hey so I ended up finally fixing it ! I had to dig deeper into my firewall settings and disable it( which I had already done hours earlier but didn’t work for some reason.) oof, this is noob friendly but it worked out and I’ve been having a great time so far. Thanks for the response.

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