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My vive controller keeps disconnecting


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My Vive controller keeps disconnecting every time when I play VR. I've tried everything I can think of and my controller sometimes has a green light but it isn't tracking. Sometimes it seemed to work for a couple of minutes after reinstalling the USB driver and restarting my computer, but every time it loses tracking, that's when it goes out of sync. I've tried to connect my other controllers and I even bought new ones, but they all have the same issue and I tried to re-pair the controllers. Seems like only one controller could be connected at a time.


This started on May 17th and I also had 3 trackers and one of them was acting up. I figured out that ReVive (a program where it makes Oculus games with the Vive) was the culprit for the trackers, but not my controllers. I have Geforce GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-6700 CPU, and 16 GB of ram.

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