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Vive microphone not detected in sound or steam vr


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So i've been wanting to start talking in VR and until now, i havent bothered with my microphone. However, the integrated microphone wont appear, and when i configure my microphone to work, it won't. I've selected the headset in recording divices and in steam vr audio, but people can't hear me. Whats weird to me is that i can still hear audio through my headset.

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 - It's probably easiest to post screenshots of the following pages:

  • Sounds
    • Playback devices
    • Recording devices
      • Microphone level
  • SteamVR's Audio settings page

One thing to keep in mind is that Unity apps don't support hot swapping. If you change an audio setting, you need to restart the app for Unity to accept the change. ~70% of VR apps are Unity based so this may factor into your problem. 

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