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No display, red LED


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Okay so I cant make a topic yet so I'll post my problem here for now
So I was playing with my VR when suddenly the display started stuttering and then the display went black and the led on the side of the headset became red, the led is green on startup but turns red pretty quick. There sometimes is an error that says "failed creating window/d3d surface for big picture". But that only showed up twice.
  • The things I've tried:
  • Reinstalling SteamVR
  • Updating firmware
  • Reconnecting cables (3 times, including in the headset)
  • Disabeling and enabling direct mode
  • Starting in administrator mode
  • Resetting the SteamVR USBs
Here is a screen of USB's in SteamVR:
the hub controller and the audio are greyed out.
The tracking still works, I've checked it with the VR display, it's just the display.
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