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are the lighthouses sensitive to light damage?

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this is probably a dumb question

my vr setup in in a room with large french windows shining light into the room and i'm getting really paranoid that daylight could be damaging my lighthouses. Am I being paranoid or should i get some sort of light blocking bag to cover the lighthouses when im not using them? I cant move rooms because this is the only room i have thats big enough

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- that's actually a pretty good question. 


I'm not personally aware of any care cases where a basestation has been damaged by sunlight exposure. While they do contain optics, the optics are pretty specialized and embedded into the laser pathway. Generally speaking, you want to avoid exposing electronics to sunlight to avoid the device overheating, melting, the optics from magnifying a stray ray, ect... You may see some photodegredation of the plastic casing if UV can hit the device.


It's completely the opposite with the HMD - it needs to be stored in a place that sunlight can't reach. If exposed to sunlight, the lenses will act like a magnifying glass and focus light into the OLED permanently burning it.


Generally speaking, when in use, you'll want to pull your curtains when using the device as sunlight will negatively affect your tracking. The HMD and the other basestation will see the sun as a massive IR source similar to how it sees the basestation's IR sync flash - it undermines the whole tracking system.

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