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Projecting VR Experience to Second Screen

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Looking for recommendations on how to show what I'm experiencing in VR on my laptop to screens in one of our meeting rooms.  Internet is... OK... it's not the fastest in the world, but it's not the slowest either, so relying on AirMedia or Crestron, or something like that isn't reliable.  


Other suggestions?

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Hired wiring it is best. If your laptop has a MiniDP/TB port and an HMDI port, you can try powering the Vive off the MiniDP port and use the HMDI for the projector. You'd want the laptop to only be using the projector as an output as driving the built in screen will consume resources.


If streaming is mandatory, you could always capture the window using something like OBS and using that to steam to a server or service. OBS is free and pretty helpful. You could use something like Skype or Teams and just screenshare to a device connected to the project. There's a ton of options - really depends on what your input limitations are.

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