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Two controllers and one tracker in hand


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By using latest SteamVR plugin and VIU v1.10.4, you should be able to get all input data.


Try to set your tracker to left foot or others (Do not set to Held in Hand).

Do make sure you have htc_viu tab generated in SteamVR Input window.

Please refer to the link below,



Let me know if you still cannot get input from tracker.

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Hey, I have a same problem. I need to access input data from two controllers (Left hand and right hand) and a tracker. So, I tried setting my tracker as "Vive tracker held in hand" which didnt work, then I tried "Right shoulder" which didnt work as well. When I disconnected my controller, the tracker immediately started working. "Right Shoulder" didnt work too! What can I do?  I havent used VIU v1.10.4 though. How can that help me? Thank you.

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I have imported SteamVR 2.2 and VIU v1.10.4


I am using HTC Vive. I am able to see both controllers and tracker in compositor.

I want to actually get input from the tracker and only track the left and right controller.


If its possible to get input from all three, it would be better. But most importantly, only tracker.


I need to use Vive controllers as Right hand and Left hand role.

What role should I assign to the tracker?

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I can see tracker as well in the scene, but I cant get the input from tracker. I have attached an object to the tracker via pogo pins. I am not able to detect the "Trigger" when other two controllers are on. When the two controllers are off, I am able to access the "Trigger" button from the tracker. I have no issue with tracking from any of the devices.

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