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HTC controllers are not visible playing SRWorks in UE4.18.3


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Hello, I tried to install SRWorks on UE4.18.3, and when I try to play the Sample level, the front camera works fine, but I do not see the controllers of HTC Vive Pro as presented on youtube

. I tried the scan function (by pressing the Z key) - this works fine, but the the export of the model (X key) does not work at all. Can you help?



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Hi ,


The sample blueprint in "SRWorks SDK UE4 Plugin" only contains the most basic control, the hotkeys.


The controller feature you are looking for is only demonstrated in "Sample Code Project: Experience Demo (UE4 Code)" in this page.


After importing the SDK package into the demo package, the controller will show up.



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Hello, thank you very much, it works now (camera+controllers). But were can I find the saved scanned mesh? Is it saved to some file? Which file format it has? Or can I export it somehow for example to .obj, .3ds etc?


thank you very much


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hi, Radka, I have a problem about the Unreal 4.24 in this SDK,  can u help me? 

I can not open the Sample in the Unreal 4.24, the winodow show me like that,


And I can not do anything with it, I can't open it. Have u met that problem before?


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