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Any online VR plateform ?

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Hi everyone ! :)


I just subscribed to Vive Infinity, and I had a question. On the platform, we have to download the games one by one, but the simplest ones are already very heavy, several gigas in general.


I was wondering if there are platforms where you can have online games, without downloading them, or even if it was possible in VR ? Do you know some of them ?


Thank you really much and see you soon ! :)



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 - Unless your streaming something like a 360 video, VR is almost entirely large binaries. There aren't any current products that enable to you download VR game assets on-demand, they all need to be hardcoded into the binary or downloaded and saved into a cache/temp file. For instance Google Earth VR's client has a smallish base size but you can use that client to stream and cache massive amounts of geospatial data - it however took Google ~4 years to develop the algorithms and systems to enable this; it's a pretty difficult task. There isn't any sort of toolkit to enable developers to do this - it'd all have to be custom like Google Earth VR ($$$). 


In the near future, there's a good shot that we'll be able to use things like 5G and Edge computing to enable your device to simply stream the content from a remote server enabling you to do all of the processing and storage remotely but in the mean time we're still missing some key pieces of technology to enable that and we don't have hardware that's specifically 

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