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Hi guys,


I havent used my headset in a few months, and today when I booted it up, I got no audio. I've verified that all the windows audio settings are correct. I've got HTC Vive selected in both my windows settings and steam VR settings. 


When I go to the USB devices section in the Steam VR settings, everything is lit up except for "Audio Device". What does that mean? I've verified all of the connections and even uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers. I've unplugged everything and plugged it back in. I've restarted my computer. I'm about to pull my hair out. Does anyone have an idea what might be going wrong?




EDIT: Of course as soon as I post this topic, I figure it out. There was a second (disabled) NVIDIA HTC Vive audio device in my playback settings. I guess that is the one I'm supposed to use .

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