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HTC Focus Lock degrees of freedom UE4


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Hi  ,


To clarify more specific, if you use Controller Loader, please set Simulation Position as below (No simulation).

You can refer the document for detail.



If you use Motion Controller and Finch Controller , you can try below blueprint:


Or if you use Chrip controller + Controller Loader or Motion Controller, please use below blueprint to receive the rotation.


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Thank you! Passenger mode is exactly what I was looking for, is there anyway to automate / modify this on runtime? We do aim to have multiple headsets, and the less manual interference the better. Either through ADB command or editing a config file? Anything that can be automated :)

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Hi   ,


You can try to edit blueprint.

From below snapshot, there is a function called UpdatePawnPose PIE inside WaveVR_Pawn.

Remove the sequence of tracking position as below (see thick line)


And we will consider a flag to enable/disable tracking position like this in the future design:



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