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How to get input from tracker when the controllers are connected


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  I found the root cause for not getting tracker input.

Could you follow below steps to fix the issue?


1. Replace all files in zip file(PartialInputBindings.zip) attached to the Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Scripts\Misc\SteamVRExtension\PartialInputBindings

2. Remove json files in your project root path

  - actions.json, bindings_*.json

3. Remove Assets\SteamVR_Input folder

4. Go to Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings, uncheck and check the VIVE option to allow "View Recommended Settings" to appear.

5. Click on View Recommended Settings and click Use recommended to Apply VIU Action Set


Let me know whether above steps work for you, thanks!

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 Thank you for your help, but it still doesn't work
i am testing with 3 trackers, i can see the input debugger received all 3 inputs from trackers. But There is still only one trackers input was received in unity.
p.s. I did the test with a new project.

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