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Use Controller Trigger Button on a Gaze Project


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Hello, everyone,

I am working on an app, where the  reticle is used to validate actions.

I want to use the controller trigger button to access a menu, and I can't find a way to do a test to detect it.


For my project, I use the prefab WaveVr, into which I have slipped the prefab ReticlePointer.


I understood, by looking at the "Button_Test" scene in the examples, that I had to use the "Wave VR_Input Module Manager" script to test my trigger.

I choose Override System Settings, and I choose Controller, in Custom Onput Module, and it works.

The problem is that in my scene I don't use this script and as soon as I put this script, or this prefab, my ReticlePointer doesn't work anymore.


In Fact, I would like to be able to stay in Gaze and use the Controller's functions.


How to do this?
Thank you.


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