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HTC Vive Pro - Base Station 1.0 - Same room


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Hello - we previously had two HTC Vive using in the same room off ONE set of Basestation 1.0.  No curtains or anything.  It worked quite well.   We had major damage to the headsets and are looking at upgrading now if possible.


Is it possible to use two HTC Vive PRO in the same room off ONE set of Basestation 1.0?  Also, we want to buy the wireless adapter for both Vive PROs.



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, Yes; the Vive Pro is backwards compatible with 1.0 basestations and they'll function very similarly to how your two previous Vives functioned in that playspace. You may not even have to run room setup if your existing roomsetup config is still valid. Your existing controllers will pair with Vive Pro and will work off your existing stations. You basically just plug in the new HMD, pair the controllers, and your back up and running.

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