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VIVE SRWorks demos crash. How to fix?


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Hi. I'm trying to play with the SRWorks SDK, but can't get anything to run (and not crash). I've tried making a new  project in Unity 2018.3.13f1. After commenting out Registry calls, I crash with the abbrivated backtrace:


0x00007FF9410B5F34 (DualCameraInterface) dualcamera::CreateCameraQualityControlInterface0x00007FF9410B4BD5 (DualCameraInterface) dualcamera::CreateCameraQualityControlInterface0x00007FF9411A7E60 (ViveSR_API) SystemMonitor::operator=0x00007FF9411B3D8D (ViveSR_API) ViveSR_StartModule0x000000002219B5FA (Assembly-CSharp) Vive.Plugin.SR.ViveSR_Framework.ViveSR_StartModule()0x000000002219B4A3 (Assembly-CSharp) Vive.Plugin.SR.ViveSR_Framework.StartModule()0x000000002219A513 (Assembly-CSharp) Vive.Plugin.SR.ViveSR.ViveSR_StartFramework()0x000000001A1BB264 (Assembly-CSharp) <StartFrameworkCoroutine>d__27.MoveNext()0x000000001A1BA3E0 (UnityEngine.CoreModule) UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext()0x000000001A1BA5D0 (UnityEngine.CoreModule) <Module>.runtime_invoke_void_object_intptr()0x00007FF914BBBE7B (mono-2.0-bdwgc) [c:\buildslave\mono\build\mono\mini\mini-runtime.c:2809] mono_jit_runtime_invoke 0x00007FF914B41E32 (mono-2.0-bdwgc) [c:\buildslave\mono\build\mono\metadata\object.c:2919] do_runtime_invoke 0x00007FF914B4AE3F (mono-2.0-bdwgc) [c:\buildslave\mono\build\mono\metadata\object.c:2966] mono_runtime_invoke 0x0000000140C00F5A (Unity) scripting_method_invoke0x0000000140BF12AA (Unity) ScriptingInvocation::Invoke0x0000000140BC4815 (Unity) Coroutine::Run

I then tried to run the Vive_SRWorks_Demo executable and crash in pretty much the same spot it looks. 


Thoughts on how to get past this?

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SRWorks+SRanipal could work under Unity 2018.1.0f2 with the following steps

1. import SRWorks Unity package.

2 import StreamVR v1.2.3 package and SRWorks Experience if desired.

3. import SRanipal package. (cancel replacing SRWorks_log.DLL)


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Hi, tested  suggestion with a windows 10 pc and htc vive pro eye headset. However it is not working when ever I want to play the demo scene (from SRWorks Experience) unity crashes.


I have a related warning (see image) but I cannot solve it. The camera is enabled.



Any idea?

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