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Version game on infinity

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I have recently subcrible to your offer "Infinity" (one year), i love it but i see that some game not be in the last version.

For exemple 

Racket furie is in 1.0 but the last is 2.0

Contagion outbreak 1.0.1 but the last is  6.0.1

My question is why are they not updated ?


PS: sorry for my english

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 - Viveport is a self-submissoin platform which means that developers upload their updated builds to us and then we publish them the platform. We can only send friendly reminders to developers to keep their content upto date in most cases where we don't have an existing agreement which covers version parity.


I checked out the situation with the two titles you mentioned; we're already in talks with the Contagion developer to publish their v6 update. We're a little unclear about the Racket Fury app - in both cases, the developer is using a different version number for their Viveport build than their Steam build which complicates the issue; for instance, Contagion is only a few versions behind rather than the gap implied by the massive version number difference. We'll follow up on that title and reach out to the developer if necessary 

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