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Pro eye unsuitable for research - data SUPER heavily filtered during fixation.

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On 2/9/2022 at 11:20 AM, JesúsM said:

I cant find SetEyeParameter() in SDK v1.3.3.0. I tried SRanipal_Eye.SetEyeParemeter() but the function is not there. How can I modify eye paremeters?

I tried to set the sensitivity factor to 1. But it still lags, as others have wrote earlier.

using ViveSR.anipal.Eye;
private EyeParameter eye_parameter = new EyeParameter ();
eye_parameter.gaze_ray_parameter.sensitive_factor = (double) 1;
SRanipal_Eye_API.SetEyeParameter (eye_parameter);
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On 8/2/2019 at 12:23 PM, gazeBehavior said:

Ok, I've created two movies that show 1) I have sucessfully changed the sensitivity, and 2)  this does not resolve the original problem described by PerformLabRIT in the first post of this thread. I've attached the videos and shared via youtube.

That's a 1 meter wide board, and at a distance of 3 meters half the angular subtense is atan(0.5/3)*(180/pi) = 9.5 degrees (the radius of the target).  So, the full angular subtense is 19 degrees.

Notice that the gaze sphere oscillates almost the full radius of the target - 9.5 degrees during the head movement.  Also notice that the change in sensitivity does not affect this.

This makes me think that something is *seriously* wrong with the Tobii/HTC tracking algorithm.




eyeParam1.flv 6.14 MB · 0 downloads eyeParam015.flv 6.04 MB · 0 downloads

I believe a solution may exist in the Tobii XR SDK. It seems that the "predicted head pose" setting is leading to this issue - https://developer.tobii.com/xr/learn/technical-information/coordinate-systems/

Navigate to the "Fusing Eye Tracking and Head Pose" section, which describes this issue exactly. I believe "historic head pose" may be the setting that is needed for accurate eye-position data (if it is available in the SRanipal SDK).

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