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Where should I shoot an email to request a cosmos


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I'm a developer and am interested in the Vive cosmos and maybe even porting or making something for it and VivePort and maybe even the mobile things you keep hinting towards.


I would just like to know an email I can contact so I can try and make this into a reality :)


You can shoot me an email:


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 - You can try to shoot a proposal to store@viveport.com to see if you can be included in a devkit wave. That said, most Cosmos devkits will go to studios which we already have a working relationship with and to studios who have successfully launched highly-regarded consumer apps on the original hardware. As it's a SteamVR compatible headset, there are only a few changes that need to be made to add native OpenVR support for Cosmos which surround controller input binding; otherwise it's identical to developing for Vive/Vive Pro and you can use either of those two HMDs as development placeholders. 

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