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instatiate gameobject


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how can i instantiate gameobject at raycast hit point from the controller

here is my code but unable to get result


public GameObject controller_right; // controller loader 

private void Update()


RaycastHit hit;
Vector3 c_pos = controller_right.transform.position;
Vector3 direction = controller_right.transform.forward;
Debug.DrawRay(c_pos, direction, Color.red);
if(Physics.Raycast(c_pos,direction, out hit))
display.text = hit.transform.gameObject.name.ToString();
if(hit.point != null)
GameObject obj = Instantiate(sphere);
obj.transform.position = hit.point;



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Hi  ,


In current SDK, it's not supported to get position of hit point, and we have plan into next release.

Here is the short-term solution (with sample code) for your reference.


1. Please download and unzip the file (WaveVR_RaycastResult.zip) and put on the directory:


Then modify WaveVR_ControllerInputModule.cs by adding the code ( see red color session)


2. Modify your code as below:


                WaveVR_RaycastResult result = WaveVR_RaycastResultProvider.Instance.GetRaycastResult (
                WaveVR_Controller.GetEDeviceByWVRType (WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right)    // right controller

            Debug.Log ("World position of hit: " + result.worldPosition);
            Debug.Log ("Gameobject of hit: " + result.gameObject);


Let me know if it's helpful for you.


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thank you , i will try your suggest some other time but for now i made "controller prefab " gameobject from controllerloader script as public and casting ray from that gameobjects position and rotation.




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