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Installer dosen't install


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I have tried following the previous posts... currently I don't think I have any defenses on my computer, firewall is off, virus is off. Then I tried loading it through Chrome, instead of Windows 10. However I go to the Vive website, hit download, hit run, click yes on the "do you want to run this" and then nothing happens, the program does not load.

I asked Vive for some technical support, they really had no idea and said to come here for help... which is strange. However it speaks well for the community that they know more then the technical support people. Maybe Vive hired the wrong people?

Anywho, anyone have any ideas? I'm running Windows 10 pro, 32gigs of ram and a Geoforce 1080 Gaming X 8G card... Any help would be nice, this seems like an expensive paperweight.

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I will say for the fun of it I did a quick "check my computer thing from Vive and it said that I have no Ram... but I have 32 gigs of ram, does it not recognize my ram somehow? ... I mean obviously I have to have some and the computer thinks I have 32, but the "tester" does not"... so not sure.

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