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[SOLVED] Unity3D: use Vive trackers 2018 with Steam VR Player prefab instead of [Camera Rig]


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I am trying to add Vive trackers 2018 to my project. The official manual (https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/Guideline/HTC_Vive_Tracker(2018)_Developer+Guidelines_v1.0.pdf) describes how to use trackers with [Camera Rig]. But I use in my project not [Camera Rig] but SteamVR/InteractionSystem/Core/Prefabs/Player prefab. And I cannot find the way how to use trackers with Player - there is no SteamVR_ControllerManager inside the Player.


Please help me to add trackers in my project.

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Hello, I can not see the solution to your problem, I am trying to do the same, but the tracker is not visible when I use the solution plus the prefab player. How did you solve? 



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Hi  , to add the vive tracker to your project you need:

1) Pair the tracker in SteamVR application.

2) In Unity3D project add SteamVR_TrackedObject script to the object you want attach to the tracker.

3) In SteamVR_TrackedObject pop-up menu "Index" choose "Device#" that correspond to your tracker. Th find the corresponding "Device#" run the app and select various "Device#" while program is running - until position and rotation of your object start changing according your tracker position/rotation.


Probably, there are better ways to find the appropriate "Device#" but I don't know them.

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