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Wigig Card not being detected by MoBo


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I purchased a Vive Wireless adapter and upon installing the Wigig Card and downloading the app. I get Error 101 “Wigig Card not Found”. I checked the Board Explore on my BIOS and the wigig isn’t even being detected.


Here is everything I troubleshooted:

1) Seated Wigig Card into every PCIE slot on my MOBO


2) Updated BIOS on my MoBo


3) Uninstalled Companion app and reinstalled.


4) Uninstalled Steam VR and reinstalled


5) Made sure my Motherboard PCIE is Gen.3


System Specs:

MoBo: MSI Z390 Gaming Plus

CPU: Intel i5-9600k

RAM: 32gb

OS: Windows 10 64 bit


I’m at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated.

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