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Vive returned from repair still broken... for the second time


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It seems like a reasonable expectation to have a product repaired under warranty in a timely manner, but after an almost thirty day waiting period, my headset was returned with the same issue, that being the HDMI port on the headset not working. After sitting through over an hour of live chat support, having me do superfluos troubleshooting and tests, I reluctantly agreed to send it back again. When a month later, it was returned, lo and behold the exact same issue was still present. This is just skull numbingly careless for HTC, which didn't bother to test the set before claiming it was fixed. Does anyone know away to have a headset actually repaired?

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- I'll flag this to a hardware team manager for follow up. To have this happen multiple times is a decent indicator that the root problem is not within the HMD's HDMI port but rather somewhere else in the tech stack. Before a unit leaves an authorized service provider it gets run through both a physical checklist as well as a automated diagnostics which would validate the HDMI port's connectivity digitally and provide a resulting pass/fail.

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