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Update an app while in Kiosk Mode


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Hello everyone,


Is there a possibility for kiosk mode selected apps to be updated in the headset? When in kiosk mode, there's no "play", "details" or "update" buttons on hover. Clicking on the app will just open it.


I signed in to my viveport account on the headset. Previously, I uploaded an app on enterprise so I downloaded it on the headset, and enabled it to work in kiosk mode, along with one other app. I'll need to update my app on the headset whenever I upload a new version on the website, however so far I noticed that I have to exit kiosk mode, update my app, then enter kiosk mode again. This kinda ruins the purpose of kiosk mode for me. I didn't find anything related, in the documentation.


Has anyone encountered this?

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