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Double or blurred image using webcam and vuforia for AR

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Hello everyone


I am trying to use HTC VIVE (old version of a single camera) for an augmented reality application, I could not use the external camera so I connected a webcam to show on the HTC screen what the camera captured and use VUFORIA to detect and track image targets and render virtual objects.


It works fine but when I put the HTC the virtual object (Arrows) it renders "double" so that if I close the right eye, I see the virtual object slightly moved to the left and if I close the left eye, I see the virtual object slightly moved to the right, when I have both eyes open the object is "double or blurred" and generates a strange sensation. It is as if the two views left and right do not match.


I would like to know how I can correct this unpleasant effect?

Thanks for your help

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I'd recommend contacting Vuforia & posting in Vuforia's HTC Vive Developer Portal. Vuforia is by definition a third party SDK and thus the third party is responsible for supporting their SDK. As far as I'm aware, none of our developer relations staff have deep experience with Vuforia on Vive - it's outside of the scope we work with on a regular basis and any MR we're doing with the HMD we're doing with the SRWorksSDK and OpenCV. Vuforia is an awesome product - they just are heavily skewed towards AR and thus there isn't as much Vive development with it as opposed to VR specific SDKs.

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