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VIVE accessory


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After looking through the vive accessory contest, I am happily surprised to see all the ideas for the weapon accessories and I think it is a great idea. I remember back when I got the old Wii with a sniper game and with it was a sniper with space for the gun on the front and the secondary controller in the top of the grip it made the game more immersive so I think it would be one of the greatest things too happened in addition to the vive it could be even greater if you had a rifle pistol combo so you could switch between them a holster for the pistol and a sling for the rifle and even better would be if they came with different attachments so you could customise it to fit the virtual gun better plus it could possibly give better tracking accuracy for the sensors if the controllers stayed the same distance from each other when playing and the realistic recoil is a really cool idea to but it could give tracking issues.


Lets try and make this a reality together!

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