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Vive screen keeps turning grey and loading on specific games.


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I recently tried to play Pavlov, and in the main "lobby" when you load the game, it works fine, minor errors. But when I try and go into a match it continues to grey my screen with the box that's visibly loading. Could this be I dont have enough ram or what? The tracking works perfectly when it goes to that "screen".

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@Rekon - Does it look like the screenshot below? If so, this is called the compositor fallback environment (aka "fade to grid").

SteamVR displays this when your render drops below 45FPS. It's there to keep you from getting motion sick

If you're seeing it, it's usually telling you that your maxing one of your system resources (usually GPU).You can disable it via SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Do not fade to grid when app hangs. Just note, you're opening yourself to some major stuttering by doing so.

It can also indicate that the developer is not loading the scene into memory correctly but given that it's Pavlov I don't think that'd be the case.


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In the bottom left hand corner of SteamVR settings, you can see a graph that you can use to try and isolate it to the GPU. If the number is above 11.1ms it means your rendering below 90FPS. You can use this to verify it's a frame-rate crash. You can get it to display in the HMD via SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Display GPU Performance Graph in Headset.

If you're below 11.1ms, you're running at 90FPS with zero re-projection/interpolation. The lower that number is, the more headroom you have. If you're getting into the 20's on a basic app, it's time for a HW upgrade.

Generally speaking, VR doesn't use much RAM as the games are not drawing gigs of assets into RAM - most VR apps are under 4gb.

Hope your GPU gives you the extra horsepower you're seeking!


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